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"Sukha" phonetically pronounced "sue-kah" in Sanskrit, refers to genuine bliss and ease that we experience within us. "Sanctuary" refers to a space of refuge & safety. Sukha Sanctuary uses the practice of yoga to create that. We aim to cultivate a safe space that is approachable & without judgment. We take pride in originally being a nomadic yoga concept meaning we're a predominately virtual studio and you can practice with us from anywhere on the globe! Sukha Sanctuary yoga can be yours with weekly livestreams, replays & outdoor classes from our various home studios, rooftops & pop-ups in Logan Square, Chicago. Our classes are vinyasa-based but you will find much more than chaturangas. We welcome all yoga-levels, body-types & humans and hope to provide you with a mini-retreat wherever you decide to roll out your mat. Find your bliss and kindred spirits alike!

Chelsea Renée,

Chelsea received her 200-hour yoga teacher training from Zen Yoga Garage in Chicago. Originally from Virginia, she grew up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains where she was involved in competitive dance and cheer. After college, she fell in love with the practice of yoga after realizing she had fallen victim to the daily pressures of her corporate career and started to experience the all-too-common symptoms of anxiety. At a local studio, she discovered that vinyasa yoga was full of creative movement (like dance) while simultaneously exercising the mind using breath & meditation. This is what she began to crave. Already interested in the body and how intelligently it works, she became a vinyasa yoga & meditation teacher. Chelsea teaches her classes with a creative flow adding easy-to-follow alignment cues, grounding and meditation properties, and a fresh playlist that she enjoys creating while connecting BPM to movement. She aims to add a humanizing factor to virtual yoga that makes you feel comfortable to be on your mat in time and space together. She loves that vinyasa yoga allows for full body mobility and can be as challenging as you make it. Chelsea believes yoga is for all spirits and body types and provides a warm welcome to all!

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